Clinton Township Condo Expert: Patricia Bellomo

Clinton Township Condo Expert

This summer, while you were at the beach …

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Patricia Bellomo was selling condo’s all over town.


In fact, Patricia Bellomo is the Clinton Township condo expert. “Specializing in condo sales enables me to provide a higher level of service to my clients,” she says. “My knowledge of the market combined with a firsthand understanding of the different complexes and associations in our community benefits my clients immensely.”


Indeed, condo living isn’t for everyone. It’s a unique form of ownership, subject to the rules and regulations of the master deed and bylaws of the association. An elected board allocates expenses for maintenance and upkeep. In years past it was common for associations to be self-managed, whereas nowadays most HOA’s employ a management company to collect homeowner dues and pay related expenses, such as insurance and common area utilities like water and trash removal.


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It is crucial that a buyer do due diligence when contemplating the purchase of a condo. When I sell a condominium, I attach an addendum to the purchase agreement requesting that the association bylaws be rendered within a specified period. Buyer will then be given a few days to review the bylaws. Likewise, I insist that all agents bringing offers on my condo listings include a condo addendum. This protects the buyer and seller.  The addendum also states the current monthly association fee. Any pending legal action, including assessments, must be disclosed by the seller.


Patricia Bellomo is the Clinton Township Condo Expert.


Generally, condo living is easy living. But the complexities of associations can be confusing and require an experienced professional to help navigate the sale. That’s where I come in. Since I specialize in the listing and selling of condo’s in Macomb County, I’d be more than happy to help you buy a condo or sell the one you currently own.


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If you live in Macomb County, and you are contemplating a move, let me help you determine what your home is worth. Call me for a complimentary market analysis.



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