Condo Living: Is it for you?

Condo Living: Are you ready to ditch the house?

Condo Living: Schultz Estates Condo Recently Sold by Patty Bellomo

Schultz Estates Condo Recently Sold by Bellomo: Condo Living: Is it for you?


Condo living isn’t for everyone. It’s perfect for retired couples, people who are single, working couples without children, and young people starting out. Because of deed restrictions, bylaws, and the tendency for complexes to be inhabited by seniors, I wouldn’t recommend condo living if you have rambunctious tots.

If you are contemplating a condo purchase, it’s important to understand just how different this form of ownership is. Developments are jointly owned and condominium ownership is a combination of individual unit plus co-ownership of the common areas. In other words, you will own your unit from the interior walls and inward. The exterior falls within the realm of co-ownership and is subject to the rules and regulations of the association.

One of the myths about condos is that they conform to an architectural style, but condominiums are a type of ownership. They can be apartments, businesses, single family homes, and the style that we tend to see in our area, and that we automatically associate with condominiums—attached ranches and townhouses.

“Condominiums ownership is a type of ownership.”

When purchasing a condo, your Realtor must do due diligence. Offers should be contingent upon a review of the bylaws. I always include an addendum, requesting by-laws and a five to seven-day time-frame for review. The addendum also states the current monthly association fee. Any pending legal action, including assessments, should be disclosed by the seller.

Most, but definitely not all, associations include water, trash removal, insurance, landscaping and lawn care, snow removal and road maintenance. But do yourself a favor and check. There are associations where heat and electric is included, and that should be reflected in a higher fee. Insurance covers the exterior, but you will need to buy condo insurance, albeit at a lower rate than typical homeowners in Michigan. And don’t forget Fido or Fluffly. Most associations are pet friendly, but there may be restrictions on size and how many pets are allowed per unit.

I specialize in condo sales because I live in a condo and have for most of my adult life. I understand the nuances of this form of ownership. I find the benefits far outweigh the risks. Condo living is easy living. So if you are ready to ditch the house, call me.

Macomb County has an abundance of condominium complexes, with a majority being centered in northern Clinton Township, most notably the Garfield corridor.  I’m familiar with all of the complexes and subdivisions in this area and would be happy to help you or a loved one find the perfect home, be it a condo or traditional house.

If you live in Macomb County, and you are contemplating a move, let me help you determine what your home is worth. Call me for a complimentary market analysis.



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